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Last updates :
     20/02/05 : Musolomo available at
     06/10/04 : au303 1.04
     09/05/04 : Speedster 1.0
     30/04/04 : Speedster 1.0b2
     04/04/04 : Speedster MusikMesse 2004 Preview is here
     27/09/03 : au303 1.0
     15/06/03 : au303 1.0b4
     25/05/03 : First release of au303

     09/02/03 : AudioUnit GUI SDK moved to sourceforge :

To install the AudioUnits, just copy the "xxx.component" folder to /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components
Here are the AudioUnits currently available :

This is not a AudioUnit, but the SDK used for building my graphical interfaces. This will only interest AudioUnits developers.
Starting with 1.3 version, the files will be available at Sourceforge project homepage :

UPDATED 09/02/03 : 1.3 beta    new controls, a few enhancement to the existing one
UPDATED 24/11/02 : 1.2    controls enhanced, color background corrected
UPDATED 11/11/02 : 1.11  background drawing routine correct. multi-picts control enhanced
UPDATED 09/11/02 : 1.1    background bug with LogicAudio corrected, new control added

The latest version is available via CVS on sourceforge :
cvs login
cvs -z3 co AUGUIFramework

All the AudioUnits are periodically updated with latest version of the SDK

AirySynth image
UPDATED 16/12/02
Noise generator added and gain correction on filter added (stolen from Tobybear version...)
UPDATED 10/11/02
Sample code updated with latest SDK
UPDATED 02/11/02
Sample code enhanced with background picture handling and knob control and some bugs corrected
Sorry, not a lot a new interesting things for musicians...
UPDATED 22/10/02 (corrupted archive corrected)
Download AirySynth and its source code

au303 image
Download au303.
UPDATED 06/10/04
1.04 : Compatible with Live 4 and Logic 7
UPDATED 27/09/03
1.0 : MIDI learn, new GUI, bug fixes
UPDATED 15/06/03
1.0b4 : new expander mode, bug fixes
NEW 25/05/03

speedster image

Download Speedster.

Most of Speedster magic come from Stephan Bernsee (pitchshifting part), available at The DSP Dimension
and Thiburce Belaventure (center separation part), available at
Thanks a lot to them for sharing their knowledge !

Bugs are probably mine, though.

Speedster needs an altivec processor (G4 or G5)

UPDATED 09/05/04 1.0
- no more "static" noise
- less CPU use
- less memory use
UPDATED 30/04/04 1.0b2
- latency compensation
- better timestretch quality (no more out-of-tune modulation)
- slighty less CPU use
- text fields are now much easier to edit (type 'return' to validate)
- automation bug correction
NEW 04/04/04
- first public release

AUStk image
UPDATED 22/10/02(note off problem corrected, greatly enhanced and source code included)
Download AUStk and its source code.
This is the Stk demo embedded in an AudioUnit.
It shows how to use Stk framework to build AudioUnit Synth.
This AudioUnit allow you to choose any of the 28 instruments of the Stk demo and play them

Voweler image
NEW 27/10/02
Download Voweler and its source code.