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Updated 28/09/03

Last  updates :
     28/09/03 : 1.0 release. Should support more SCSI adapters
     20/05/03 : Basic support for other file formats (AIFF...), basic progress indicator (spinning wheel)

     16/05/03 : Preview release of SMDI

SMDI is able to exchange samples between your Mac and your SCSI equiped Sampler.
The file format for saved samples is based on file name extension. So, add ".wav" to your file name to have a "wav" file, ".aiff" to have a AIFF file...

Application : SMDI.app.tgz
Source code (Cocoa/Obj-C/C) [Warning : SCSI code is ugly right now and need a major rewrite..]: SMDI.tgz

SMDI is free.

It only has been tested with a Adaptec 2906 SCSI adapter, built-in G3 SCSI, an EX5, a K2000 and some EMU.
Please send feedback to me about which SCSI adapter and Sampler work or do not work.